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6 Weeks Today – 2017

There has been a sever lack of activity on the blog over the past few weeks. This is due to a number of factors. The main one being that I have been trying to organise things in the real world.

I am a terrible procrastinator (you may have noticed) so I decided to put this habit to bed by sorting and organising my bedroom. I wish I could say my bedroom is now really organised but it isn’t. By sorting my bedroom I have uncovered a number of projects and things which also need sorting or making. This is what I have been doing.

One of the things I have spent a couple of weeks organising is a world I created about ten years ago. I love World Building but with this one I got lost somewhere along the way, but I didn’t want to chuck it out. While organising my room however I uncovered the map and I saw the problem. I had to turn the world around and look at it from another perspective.

It’s funny how by looking at things from another perspective sometimes can solve what feels like an impossible puzzle.

There are 6 weeks left now until 2017. I have a few things I want to start in January. The first is maintaining this Blog and the second is organising myself with a Bullet Journal. Designing my Bullet Journal is what I will be doing today.

Between now and the end of the year I also hope to have something to show you concerning my Sleeping Beauty’s Tower Project. I have started it.

I also have a load of other ideas I want to share too… So one day this blog will be pretty interesting and not just full of unfulfilled promises.

Another issue i have had over the past few weeks is that I bought myself a new laptop. Due to this I have to reorganise all my software etc… so I have all the things I use on this one. It is almost ready.

So here is to the promise of tomorrow… and hopefully some more posts.


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