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What Is A 101 List?

I probably should have done this post a little earlier but I came to the realisation yesterday that some of you may not know what a 101 List is.

Personally I love setting myself goals. I enjoy the sense of achievement I feel when I have completed something. I also enjoy writing lists. When I discovered the 101 List about 10 years ago now I was thrilled. The current list I am working on is my 3rd or 4th list… I have lost count.

I won’t lie… I have never completed a whole list – usually about 70% – 80% is roughly what I mange to complete. I also have to admit that some of the items that feature on my current list, did also feature on the first list, second and third…. and have not been completed… yet… oops!!

A 101 List is short for “101 Things in 1001 Days”.  

The concept I suppose is quite a simple one – think of 101 Things you would like to do / achieve within 1001 Days.

1001 Days = 2.74 years (so just under 3 years)

I always like to end on a date that I will remember. My current list ends on the day I that I turn 39 years old. By choosing a memorable date it helps me manage my time more effectively.  There are various date and time calculators you can use to work out your start and end date.  This is one – TimeandDate.com

If you are thinking about doing a list and don’t feel as though you can think of 101 Things. There is lot’s of inspiration out there. A simple search on Google can often provide some interesting ideas. One of my favourite places is Pinterest. There is a website devoted to the creation of 101 Lists – DayZeroProject.com

My 5 Tips 

Make it achievableyou may want to travel the world but can you do in under 3 years? 

Make them measurableyou may want to be be confident but how are you going to measure this from the start of your list. You might want to add something like speak in front of a crowd of people or sing on karaoke instead? 

Make it funWhat you perceive as fun not your followers. That way you will enjoy completing the list a bit more. 

Subheadings – I like the whole subheading thing on my list it makes finding items a lot easier. 

Keep a LogI use my blog (and also a notebook) to keep track of my list. 


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