101 Things in 1001 Days, 2017, Update

101 List Progress Update #6

So, this is the last update on the 101 List. I have combined the last 50 + Items into this post as I have just realised tomorrow is the halfway point and I have a summary post planned for then…

Please see my update below… be warned it is not as quick as the previous updates. There are also no photos as it is long enough already.

Art & Crafts 

  1. (46) Go to Five Different Museums / Art Galleries – 3/5 – I was hoping to have completed this by now but I have not had chance to go. I will complete my last two in 2018.
  2. (47) Complete a Colouring Book – The Secret Garden Colouring Book  – This is still in progress.
  3. (48) Finish Sleeping Beauty’s Tower – I will post an update in this January.
  4. (49) Make 3 pieces of Geek Art – Plans as in process and I am excited.
  5. (50) Complete a Self-Portrait – I have been waiting to lose weight be fore I do this, so this will be one of the last items to be completed.
  6. (51) Fill a Sketch Book – I have started one and I misplaced it so I began another. I have since found the first one and now have two on the go.
  7. (52) Sort out my Art & Craft Cupboard – March 2017 – Completed this once (probably needs doing again)
  8. (53) Make a Doll based on a Famous Person – I keep changing my mind on who I want to do.
  9. (54) Go to  a Hobbycrafts or Miniatura Show again – Planned for March 2018


  1. (55) Sort out my photos and put them on a flash drive – In Progress
  2. (56) Take a photo for each letter of the AlphabetI need to check this as I think I might have completed it and forgot.
  3. (57) Complete a Day in My Life for Blog – Oh I am waiting for an interesting day… so will probably never happen
  4. (58) Have photo books made – I want a few and it is more expensive than previously anticipated but it will happen.
  5. (59) Fill the Photo Frame in My Bedroom – September 2017

Family & Friends 

  1. (60) Create a Photo Book for Georgia-Rose – Work in progress trying to gather all the photo’s I want in it.
  2. (61) Send 5 Surprise Gifts – January 2017 – I did surprise gifts for some elderly folks that I know. I am planning on doing the same again in December and January.
  3. (62) Create a Care Package & Send it – November 2017 – I created a care package for a friend who was undergoing some radiation therapy.
  4. (63) Buy My Mom flowers – Not completed yet as during the spring summer my dad was picking flowers for her. Also I want to surprise her so I am not putting when I plan to do this as she says she reads my blog.
  5. (64) Make a Calendar for my mom – October 2016 (I am doing another one this year)
  6. (65) Make a List of all my friends and families anniversaries – I really need to do this.

Money & Finance 

  1. (66) Set up an Emergency Fund – Beginning January 2018
  2. (67) Stick to a budget for 6 months – Beginning January 2018
  3. (68) Pay off all debt – Nearly there, nearly. Going to Paris set me back a bit.


  1. (69) Remember to Donate to Charity at least once a month – Missed a couple of months but will get back on track.
  2. (70) Do Something to raise money for a charity – March 2017 (Red Nose Day)
  3. (71) Send a Present through Post Pals or another similar scheme – Need to look into this. Anyone got any ideas let me know.


  1. (72) Create a 101 List of My Favourite Movies – July 2017 
  2. (73) Collect 20 Blu-rays – Completed November 2017 – I will do a post listing them one day.
  3. (74) Watch a film from each year going as far back as I can go – I did begin this and need to keep a better record of what I am watching.
  4. (75) See 20 Movies at the Cinema – My movie viewing at the cinema has dropped off in recent months. I think I have seen about 8 movies at the cinema but need
  5. (76) Write a review for all the Movies in item 75 – I have done this.

I won’t go through the food and cooking individually but it looks like 2018 is going to be busy.

Food & Cooking

  1. (77) Make Red Velvet Cup Cakes
  2. (78) Try 5 New Foods – 3/5
  3. (79) Go on a proper picnic
  4. (80) Cook 5 recipes from a Cook Book
  5. (81) Create a Favourite Recipe Book/Binder
  6. (82) Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant
  7. (83) Make Macaroons
  8. (84) Make something with Lavender in

Just For Fun

  1. (85) Attend Comic Con in Cosplay – Every time I say I am going too, then I chicken out.
  2. (86) Meet someone from Agents of Shield – Ming-Na Wen (Agent May) 03/06/2017
  3. (87) Go to a Concert
  4. (88) Go to a Live Ballet Show – 2016
  5. (89) Buy a New Laptop – 27/10/2016 
  6. (90) Go Indoor Rock Climbing
  7. (91) Go to the Opera
  8. (92) See 3 Shows at the Theatre – Whenever I put this on a list I never go. Need to stop putting it on lists.
  9. (93) Go to Go Ape! – Really want to go…
  10. (94) Go Kayaking (Try)  I cannot see this happening so I’m going to look at replacing it with something else.
  11. (95) Buy A New Camera – September 2017 
  12. (96) Write to someone famous and a get a reply back – I don’t know who yet. I have spoken to a few famous people in real life and on social media.

97. Reserved for 2017 – Unsubscribe to all unwanted emails – Did this last year, revisiting it again in the New Year.

98. Reserved for 2017 – Set up own Business

99. Reserved for 2018

100. Reserved for 2018

101. Reserved for 2019


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