#FridayFive, 2018, Health, Well Being

#FridayFive Week 3

Practicing Gratitude helps to inspire a more positive attitude and will hopefully make us a little happier.

Below are this weeks #FridayFive.

The Friday Five

  1. I am grateful that I come home from work to a cooked meal. It has been so cold this week that by the time I have got home, I have been frozen and achy.  Today has been especially bad.
  2. Due to the above… I am grateful that I claimed the chair in front of the fire at home. This keeps me nice and warm.
  3. I am grateful that today I nearly walked all the way home in the light. I enjoy seeing the light come back. Last week I just started off in the light, but this week I was almost home before it got dark.
  4. I am grateful that even though it has been cold , there has been no snow and no ice to stop me from walking. I miss walking if home if I don’t get to do it.
  5. I am grateful for online bookshops. I love browsing books online. Buying a book really cheers me up. This week I brought 3.

Since writing yesterdays post Sheldon Says #ACHT #TV  which focus’s on the New spin off from The Big Bang Theory – Young Sheldon. The UK have now got an air date for it … Thursday 22 February on E4. Remember to add it to your schedule.


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