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N is for…

My theme for the A to Z April Challenge for 2018 is “Me and My Blog”


A few years ago I signed up to Netflix mainly for the Movies, however over the past 12 months or so, I have been glued to the Netflix Original’s they have been producing. I have just finished Star Trek : Discovery, which I was very impressed with. Usually I can figure out plot twists and while I got a couple, I had a few surprises. I love it when a show or movie surprises me. I have just begun Lost in Space and I am hoping it is going to be as good as Star Trek.

My favourite Netflix Original is STRANGER THINGS. Currently two seasons on there at the moment. I watched the second season in weekend. Binge watching really is not my thing but I was glued. It also made me cry. If you have not seen it yet I won’t put a spoiler. For those who have I will just say it was Dustin that made me cry in the last episode. I have read they are doing a third season… yay!


In January, Netflix in the UK began airing Friends and since the 1 January I have been working my way through the 10 seasons. I am now part way through season 8. I have watched them all so many times but not in order for a good 10 years. It is weird watching Friends because it was set in a time before cell/mobile phones, social media, Blu-Rays and Smart TVs were really a thing. I find myself watching it now wondering how much trouble Joey would get in on Tinder or Phoebe on Facebook. I hope they revisit it one day.


Anyway I could talk about this all day but I will save it for another post in the future. I hope you join me tomorrow for the Letter O….


2 thoughts on “N is for…”

  1. We watch Netflix more than standard TV, and are particularly fond of British shows! The Baking Show, Father Brown, Death in Paradise, Broadchurch. We also watched all ten seasons of Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond. It’s well worth the monthly cost.

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