#FridayFive, 2018, Health, Mental Health

Post 11 #Week20

This week has been a better week both in terms of work and pain. The not so good thing is that I have had a bad throat/chest infection thing. Due to that I have had little sleep which has resulted in me being very tired. Woe is me… and all that! So here is what I have to be grateful for this week.

Practising Gratitude helps to inspire a more positive attitude and will hopefully make us a little happier.

Below is this weeks #FridayFive :

  1. I am grateful that the weather was nice when I went to Drayton Manor Theme Park on Sunday. Whenever I have been there in the past it has rained. We had a lovely time and it was nice day. Though very tiring.
  2. I am grateful that due to the weekend I had “people overload” so I was grateful I didn’t have to see anyone Monday or Tuesday. In fact I didn’t leave the house till Tuesday evening and it was bliss.
  3. I am grateful that I am on Annual Leave from work next week… woop! I am hoping to be very productive next week.
  4. I am grateful that I have done a lot of walking this week. The weather has been nice so me and my daughter have been on a few evening walks. Due to the chest infection thing no running but hopefully will be back on that next week.ย IMG_0341
  5. I am grateful that it is the Royal Wedding tomorrow. I will probably sit and watch it but I will be glad when the hullabaloo that goes with it is over.

So, that is what I am grateful for this week. What are you grateful for?


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