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Health & Well Being Sunday #6

Half of the year has now almost passed us by. What extreme weather we have had in the UK during 2018. The first four months saw snow, May has seen sporadic heat waves, followed by really cool days and last night and today we have had some spectacular lightning storms. Honestly the storms lasted about 90 minutes last night, never known a storm to be so loud for so long.

UPDATE… About Me 

May has been a very productive month and I am pleased with my progress. Though I am not super fit yet, I know it takes time but I am getting there. Healthy eating has played a part though I have not been super strict. I have drank loads of water. I have been doing lots of walking so I am feeling quite good.

This month has seen a few health issues, the usual aches and pains but also a chest infection that lasted nearly 3 weeks. The chest infection did disturb my sleep but it was manageable.

Mental Health has not been very good. I honestly thought I had hit rock bottom again this month. Mainly due to my job but there are other contributing factors too. I hope I have done enough to pull myself out of it.



Milly’s Guide inspired me to look for Five things a week that I am grateful for. I have completed a post every week with the exception of this week as time got away from me. I won’t post all my #FridayFive here for this week, however I will mention that I am very grateful that I have had this last week off work. Due to being off work I have been really productive.  I have moved my bedroom round, done a load of sorting out and I have also made a start on future plans.


As I mentioned above the walking has been going well. Since March I have walked 246 miles (wow)… I am also including my time out running. I now have just over a 150 till I get to Rivendell.

businesswoman with a note-book in a cafe drinking coffee


The running is a slow burner however we are still doing the Couch to 5K. Having a chest infection for about 3 weeks meant I had to go easy with the running. I am hoping to make better progress during June.


On the 1st April I began 365 days of happiness. Finding something to be happy about everyday is a challenge and it is surprising how often I want to put something food related down.



  • Plank – I forgot all about the plank challenge somehow. I am not sure how that happened. I got up to just over a minute and then forgot all about it. Starting this again tomorrow.
  • Water – Still taking in the water.
  • Cider Vinegar – A lot of people have asked about this. I add about 2 tablespoons of Cider Vinegar to a tall glass of water. I helps a lot with pain relief as it helps replace the citric acid with good acid and stops my joints aching so much. I do not take it every day but aim for 5 times a week. It is working not been in so much pain.
  • Green Tea Bags – I brought some. I actually brought some today not drank any yet but I will aim to do this in June.
  • Weighed and Measured – I have done this and I am not happy. I have not done it yet for this month but at the end of June I will let you know if there is any progress. I know I have lost a bit of weight but not enough to make a difference yet.


  • Avoid Chocolate – This is going to be on-going.
  • Cut down on snacks – By snacks I mean crisps, mini cheddar’s, crackers etc… Fatty snacks. I am determined to lose weight during June.


  • I really want to drop at least two dress sizes by August.
  • Couch to 5K challenge
  • Hold plank for 4 minutes

So, that was May. During June I am going to plan this post out better and add some progress photo’s and things to make it more interesting. You never know one day you might even get a video.. lol!

Hope to see you during June.. take care Lu x



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