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Hello June…

We have had some really glorious weather in May which I have enjoyed. I have been out walking mainly with a sprinkling of running though not much.


May has been a turbulent month mentally. I have had some very good days and some really bad days. Though there is no point dwelling on what is not in our power to change. So, lets focus on the good days.

IMG_0312 (Edited)


My daughter (who is in the photo above) and myself (who is not in the photo) spent the day at Drayton Manor with some friends. It was a good day, the weather was amazing which was really great. In the past when I have been to Drayton Manor it has always rained.

I also visited Blist’s Hill, Victorian Town. I had never been there before but I have seen it on TV numerous times.


Again the weather was fantastic. It took us 5 hours to walk around and explore the place. There was some really interesting stories too from the volunteers who were all dressed in Victorian costumes.

Besides the day trips, as I have previously mentioned, myself and my daughter have been out walking a lot.  Georgia

Another highlight of May is that my Brother and his wife are expecting their first baby. The baby is due date is the 3 December 2018.  Below is the photo my sister-in-law posted to announce the birth. My brother is so excited.

IMG_0031 (Edited)

One not so good day has been today. Tommy Dog ^^ my brothers baby as pictured above ^^ has been really a poorly boy today. We have all been so worried about him. My brother and his wife took him to the vets this morning and he has gas in his intestines which can be deadly for doggy’s. Tommy has been sedated all day and has been monitored by the vet. Tommy is back home now but he is still poorly and may need an operation. I hope the poor boy feels better soon.


June is JURASSIC JUNE… We will be going dinosaur crazy in June due to the release of Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom. I have a few dinosaur themed posts planned, so look out for them.


I am so excited about the release of Fallen Kingdom but I will be waiting till towards the middle of the month before I go and see it.


June Quote


I had a few things I wanted to do in May, however not everything went to plan :

  • Read two Jane Austen Books – Read : Pride and Prejudice / Currently Reading : Northanger Abbey (should finish tonight)
  • Start new Sketch book and work in it – fill at least 6 pages by end of May – lots more than 6 pages.. woop
  • Plan my Geek Art – Planned and ready to start… might be a few weeks though before you see any of it 
  • Complete the Base of Sleeping Beauty’s Tower – Not completed. This is due to me deciding it is too big and I need to cut it down a bit. Need to get my dad to do this for me as I am scared of power tools, especially saws. 
  • Make Macaroons – nope not done
  • Make Red Velvet Cup Cakes – again not completed, this is primarily due to the nice weather and not wanting to spend a lot of time in a hot kitchen. 

As I have mentioned in previous posts. I really want to try and drop two dress sizes by August. I have a few Health & Fitness Goals too. These are carried over from May as well. For more information on my health and fitness goals take a peek at my Health and Well Being Sunday Post.


At the moment I cannot share what my main goal is for June as it leads to future plans that may not happen. If it doesn’t happen then I don’t want anyone to know… if it happens you will know about it.

Concerning the 101 List goals however…


  • Read another Jane Austen novel
  • Go and see Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom
  • Go to a concert
  • Go to the Theatre
  • Finish War and Peace
  • Complete one piece of Geek Art

Lots to look forward too in June… I hope you join me for JURASSIC JUNE…


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