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Hello July…

Firstly I have to apologise for my lack of activity on here throughout June. I have had a really busy month. The beginning of the month once again was plagued with illness which was really annoying as it meant yet another week off work. I am still not 100% but I am battling my way through it. I have been busy once again trying to sort out my future but I am not sure what will come from it yet, I have my finger in a few pies. Knowing my luck… nothing… but we live in hope.

Due to having very small amounts of energy, I have found myself watching the World Cup. I have watched far too much football (soccer) this year.


The other problem I am having at the moment is the hot weather. The UK has been experiencing a heatwave which is lovely. I love seeing the really blue skies and I have attended a couple of outside events which have been great due to the hot weather. The problem though comes when one tries to get some sleep. It is just too warm to sleep properly. As I sleep downstairs I cannot have my window open as it is not safe. Fans just push the hot air around. I have considered sleeping in the garden but the thought of bugs put me off that. I have spent weeks feeling totally exhausted.  It just goes to show no matter how the weather is, we will never be happy.



“Focus is the matter of deciding what things you are not going to do.” – John Carmack


Not got time to make my own quote picture this month so borrowed this one of Google.



You may have noticed that Jurassic June did not take place (sorry… MAJOR FAIL) so instead we are having Jurassic July. I had planned some posts in June but had failed to schedule them. Look out for dinosaur related posts over the month of July.


The goals that I feature at the bottom of this post are the things I hope to achieve from my 101 LIST for the month. I have just over 9 months left to complete as many things as possible.


  • Read another Jane Austen novel – started Persuasion 
  • Go and see Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom – completed 
  • Go to a concert – Completed went to see Steps who were supported by Blue. 
  • Go to the Theatre – Completed. Went to see some outdoor theatre in the shape of The Comedy of Errors which was excellently performed by the Sudden Impulse Theatre company at Astley Castle. 
  • Finish War and Peace – nope, nowhere near… 
  • Complete one piece of Geek Art – planned but not executed. 


  • Read 2 Jane Austen Novels (so finish Persuasion and read another)
  • Finish War and peace
  • Complete at least one piece of Geek Art
  • Complete a self-portrait
  • Fill Sketch Book
  • Organise Budget for six months starting in September

I am sorry this post is a little rushed and un-planned but I really wanted to post something on here today.  Also, Junes Health and Well Being Sunday will be combined with July’s on Sunday 29 July 2018. In all honesty June was not a very productive month fitness and weight loss wise, in fact I think I have put on weight.

Anyway, I hope to see you throughout July… I promise to be a better blogger this month.


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