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Health & Well Being Sunday #7

Once again the end of the month has crept up on me and caught me by surprise. This is year is just rushing by. I am not sure if I just feel it more poignantly as I am getting older, life of course is filled with what if’s and maybe’s…. or because time is literally going faster.


Mental health is a funny thing. Many people including myself are frightened to approach the subject for fear of upsetting or making other people feel awkward. I suffer with Mental Health problems, at various times in my life I have suffered with depression, anxiety and have also had a few panic attacks. Someone the other day though said to me, “well it’s not cancer”. At the time those words swept over me but I have since reflected on them.

Cancer is a terrible illness but like Mental Illness there are lots of different types and most are invisible to the eye. If you tell someone you have been diagnosed with Cancer there response is sympathetic, however if you tell someone you have Depression they shrink back. If you have Cancer depending obviously on what stage it is at and where it is, the odds of recovery can be good. If you are diagnosed with Bipolar, for example, the odds of ever recovering are very slim. If you require treatment for Cancer there are usually provisions available at work for you to take the time out to have your treatment, or at least your manager/company might be more lenient, however if you are struggling to cope due to Mental Illness there is very little available to you. It is assumed that you are lazy, after extra time, playing the system etc…

No Mental Illness is not Cancer but it can be just as debilitating.  I have no answers. Most of the population at some point in their lives will be affected by Mental Illness in one form or another. I saw a campaign earlier in the month which read “Mental Illness is Physical Illness”.  I hope they make a difference, that they dispel the ignorance that exists out there and help those who are in need of support or even a little sympathy.


I have given #FridayFive a miss over the past couple months for two reasons.

  1. Due to the extremely hot weather and lack of decent sleep, by the time Friday has arrived I am completely done in. Everything in the heat is such an effort, including thinking. This is also why I have not been posting a lot over the past couple of months. All I have wanted to do was shower and sleep.
  2. I have really struggled (maybe due to the heat) to find Five Things to be grateful for.

I am though going to try and make more of an effort, yes I know you have heard it all before, but I am really going to try harder during August.


I have not worked out properly my total miles for the past couple of months. I know I have not done huge amounts of walking due to the weather but I have done some. I will have to do a proper update on this at the end of August.


Below are the goals I listed for JUNE – you might have already anticipated this but they were not completed.

  • I really want to drop at least two dress sizes by August.
  • Couch to 5K challenge
  • Hold plank for 4 minutes

It is also very unlikely that these goals will be realised while the hot weather continues.


Dropping two dress sizes by August is not going to happen. If anything I have put on weight as I have eaten a lot of rubbish. I am trying very hard not to blame the hot weather as overall I have enjoyed the prospect of sun everyday, it has just been too hot. Especially at a night time. I have put very little effort into my lunches especially for work. I have just taken a walk to the shop (when I could be bothered), brought junk and not felt guilty about it at all. This needs to stop…

A few months back, I can’t remember exactly when. I mentioned that when the 101 List came to an end on my 39th, I wanted a goal leading up to my 40th. I have thought of something – FIT FOR FORTY

FIT FOR FORTY – I am going to try and get very Fit for Forty. I have not finalised all the details as I need to see what sort of shape I will be in by next April. If it is the same as now that shape is round. I am thinking about completing 40 different kinds of fitness/health related challenges, which might be a little ambitious so I need to work it all out.


I am not going to set any goals for August. I am going to use August as a prep month for September, with the exception of having healthy lunches for work. I will let you know how I get on. Expect a long list of goals for September.

I hope you have enjoyed this post… I also hope you are doing a lot better at sticking to your goals than I am mine.


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