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Jurassic World 3?

According to recent internet gossip the likelihood of a Jurassic World 3 being produced is a strong possibility. It even has a possible release date – 11 June 2021.

As I mentioned in my review of Fallen Kingdom, I do hope they end the franchise there, however if they do plan a Jurassic World 3, what can we learn from Fallen Kingdom that could be the catalyst for a third movie.


***This post is going to contain MAJOR SPOILERS relating to Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom. IF you don’t want to know anymore stop reading here…***


Isla Nublar is home to Jurassic Park and of course later on the theme park that became Jurassic World. After the incident with the Indominus Rex the theme park was never re-opened and the dinosaurs were left to their own devices. In Fallen Kingdom the Island was destroyed by the volcano. As far as we know this Island is no longer habitable and none of its prehistoric residents who were left survived.

Those of you familiar with the books will be aware that besides the Isla Nublar there was also a chain of five Islands known collectively as The Muertes Archipelago or The Five Deaths. One of those Islands appeared in Jurassic Park : Lost World and also Jurassic Park ///, Isla Sorna or Site B. This was InGen’s Factory Floor, where they created the dinosaurs. The Island was abandoned after Hurricane Clarissa and the dinosaurs left to there own devices.  After Ian Malcolm’s encounter in Lost World, InGen went back to Island and after some experimentation left some new species on the Island including the Spinosaurus which Alan Grant later encounters.

In Jurassic World it is confirmed that there were no longer any dinosaurs left on the Island. Though looking at InGen’s history we know they lie… Could an adventure on another Island be a possibility?



In Fallen Kingdom InGen’s chief dino-maker Dr Wu managed to escape, along with a number of DNA samples. Could Dr Wu be tempted to make another dino-hybrid, such as the Indominus-Rex or the Indo-Raptor?  Will he create a series of super intelligent raptor soldiers that work for the military?



In Fallen Kingdom the Indo-Raptor was partly created from the DNA of the Indominus-Rex. Both were destroyed at the end of Fallen Kingdom, bone and Indo-Raptor. However, in the samples Dr Wu escaped with could there be any more “Indo” DNA contained in them?



At the very end of Fallen Kingdom we saw a variety of dinosaurs released into the world, sharing the same space as humans. Could a post-apocalyptic tale be in the pipe line? Few human survivors trying to claim the world or maybe just the USA back from the dino’s. Or, could dinosaurs and humans be living in harmony? Nah, what would be the fun in that.


The alleged twist in the tale of Fallen Kingdom was the fact that Benjamin Lockwood’s grand daughter was a cloned from his deceased daughters DNA. Was this human experimentation a one off?


I read a rumour years ago before Jurassic World was thought of. That there were plans to do a Jurassic Park movie where Dino’s and humans have had their DNA mixed to make some kind of super-soldier. I really hope the don’t do this.



Lastly… There is a rumour that the surviving members of the original Jurassic Park could be coming back for the third Jurassic World Movie. I would love to see Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm and Ellie Sattler all in the same room reminiscing, along with Lexi and Tim. I have to admit ever since I saw those dinosaurs released at the end of Fallen Kingdom, I have wondered what the original characters would be saying.  Especially Ian Malcolm once he discovers that they have cloned a human.

The interaction between them all along with Claire and Owen would also be interesting. Could they all be called together by a secret government agency to become some kind of dino-busting avengers…? Who knows?

If it happens, whatever they come up with, no doubt I will be watching it.



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