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Jurassic July is now Extinct

However a bit like the dinosaurs in Jurassic world it could be re-born in the future. There were a number of post ideas that I did not get round to posting due to a variety of extenuating circumstances.

Today’s last post though is dedicated to a game I found which has entertained me for a few weeks – JW Alive. It is a bit like Pokemon Go only with dinosaurs instead of monsters.

The game involves dinosaurs appearing within a150 meter radius of where you are. Then you use a drone on the app loaded with syringes to collect the dinosaurs DNA.

The dinosaurs have a target on them which moves and the closer to the target you hit the more points/DNA you collect. Once you have the right amount of DNA for the dinosaur you get to create it.

The you can build your dinosaur team. Once you have your team you can then battle them if you wish. To be honest I have not done this so I do not really know much about it. I’m just enjoying collecting the dinosaurs. The more DNA you collect the higher the level you dinosaur becomes.

Some dinosaurs are more common than others, there are Rare and Epic dinosaurs to try and find.

Also scattered around the area are supply drops. These give coins, syringes and notes to help you along the way.

I am not going to say this is the best game in the world but I do enjoy the idea of capturing a velociraptor that has wandered into my backyard.

I hope you have enjoyed Jurassic July. Join me tomorrow for my “Hello August” post.


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