2018, Plans, Update

Hello August…

Unfortunately I did not post as much as I wanted too, throughout July but I did get a few Jurassic July posts out. As I mentioned yesterday I am planning on revisiting it again in the future.

I have to apologise as I have not got a lot to say this month. I will be posting or at least trying to post once a week during August but there will be no theme.


Well, July was full of sun the same as June. Even though it was lovely to wake up everyday with the prospect of nice weather everyday, the heat at times was a little too much. Sleep once again was difficult. More hot weather is predicted for August.




  • Read 2 Jane Austen Novels (so finish Persuasion (Finished) and read another)
  • Finish War and Peace (Nearly Finished)
  • Complete at least one piece of Geek Art (Nearly Finished)
  • Complete a self-portrait
  • Fill Sketch Book
  • Organise Budget for six months starting in September (Sort of Sorted)

Above are the goals I forgot all about for July, so I am going to have to do them during August instead.


Well as you know I have been making plans for the future. I have a lot of reading to complete over the next 6 weeks or so as I have signed up to an English Literature course. If I am unable to find another job then I hope to complete some qualifications so I can train in something else.


September is going to be interesting time on the blog hopefully. Scrumdiddlyumptious September is on its way.

Anyway, hopefully I will see you all throughout August… and I hope you have a good Summer.  x


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