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Hello September…

A little late again this month due to various commitments and demands on my time. I really enjoy being busy and it looks as though life is only going to get busier. Due to this I have had to come to a decision regarding this blog.


I love blogging and I love this blog. It plays on my mind that I have said I am going to do posts, themed months etc… and they have not materialised due to not being able squeeze anything into my schedule at the moment. In October my time is going to be even more stretched.

So, I have decided that I am not going to renew my domain name – lulubys.place  will become lulubysplace.wordpress.com

Lulu-Bys Place Blog will still be here on WordPress for when I can commit it again. I am not deleting it. I am not making any commitments for any themed months, posts etc… because I just don’t know when I am going to find time to come on here. I don’t expect my life to carry on being this busy forever which is why I am not deleting my blog. I have made that mistake in the past. What I am doing is putting my blog to sleep for the time being.


Even though my blog will be asleep or in hibernation for the time being I will try and continue with the Hello… Monthly posts. Just to update on any news and plans.

I will also keep trying to tick items off my 101 Things in 1001 Days and will update this when I have opportunity.

Health and Well Being Sunday is going to become Bimonthly (every two months).  I will post again at the end of September as I have missed August.


  • Read 2 Jane Austen Novels  – Not done, I have had no time to read anything extra
  • Finish War and Peace – Finished
  • Complete at least one piece of Geek Art – Nearly Finished… still 
  • Complete a self-portrait – Not done
  • Fill Sketch Book – Not done
  • Organise Budget for six months starting in SeptemberCompleted

Two out of six things is not bad…


September is going to be my sorting out month.

Health – I have a health issue at the moment which I am not prepared to talk about yet, just because I don’t know anything yet really. Once I know more I will explain – probably in my Health and Well Being Post.

Time – I need to organise my time more wisely. I have so much I have to do and so much I want to do – I need to balance this without overwhelming myself.

Belongings – I have too much stuff… again! I sort out continuously usually but have failed to keep on top of things over the past couple of months. I also have some things I can sell that I don’t need or use anymore.

So, I will see you on the last Sunday of the month for Health and Well Being Sunday… and Hello October on the first of October. Anything else I cannot promise. I am so sorry I will not be posting more regularly but I am unable to “Focus” at the moment on my blog.

Take care, see you soon Lu x


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