About Me



My name is Lucy but my friends call me Lu… (or at least they would if I had any friends).

I’m currently in my late 30’s and heading towards 40 at a rather alarming pace. I am a single mother of an only daughter who has now entered into her 18th year. I am officially a mother of an adult. I live in my parents garage, in the deepest darkest part of the England.

I have many interests…. I enjoy books, reading and writing. Movies (any except horror). I love all things Disney. I am also a big fan of Fairy Tales in general. I am a bit of a Geek anything to do with Doctor Who, Superheros, Star Trek etc… takes my interest. One of my favourite shows during 2017 was “Stranger Things”. I am also quite creative. I enjoy drawing, painting etc… just making things in general. I also like making miniatures and dolls.

My word for 2018 – FOCUS 

I am really easily distracted, I move from one idea to the next at quite a rapid pace. This year I am going to tackle one thing at a time and make it count. Hopefully.

I am also in the middle of a 101 Things in 1001 Days. My end date is the 11 April 2019 – lots of stuff to do this year.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Lu x