Health & Well Being Sunday 2019#2

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”—Robert H. Schuller

The Last Seven Days

This week has been a tough week, no highs just a lot of lows. Thursday my head and body could no cope with anything. My head was splitting and I was in agony everywhere. To try and get rid of the pain I took a couple of Naproxen, which I really wish I hadn’t as over the past couple of days I have had stomach ache. (Note to self: Do not take Naproxen again.)

Strides & Falls

Last week I had a list of things I wanted to achieve during the week to help with my Fitness and Weight Loss Goals. Below is how I got on.

Make a note of the statistics – I did and it is not good.

Drink 2 Full glasses of water a day – 5 days I remembered to drink at least 2 glasses of water. Yay.

Only 1 Cup of Coffee allowed after 1 pm – Every day but 1 and today I have not had a cup of coffee, yet.

Walk/Jog/Run at least 5 miles 3 out of 7 days – I managed 4.6 miles 1 day. Every day but yesterday and today I have walked just not enough. In total this week I have walked – 13.1 miles.

NO SNACKING AT WORK – I failed at this. Friday I just gave up.


Due to the stress of this week, I thought I would do a fun #snapchatfilter selfie. I took one with every filter and this one won… lol.

Well Being

This week has highlighted the fact that I need to work on my Well Being. I thought I was doing a pretty good job but I definitely have chinks in my armour.

Over the next week I am going to think of something I can do to help improve my emotional well being. One thing I need to remember to do is the #FridayFive This is something that I heard of through a blog called Milly’s Guide, which unfortunately is no longer a blog, but the author Lauren has a page on Facebook –

Every Friday I read what everyone else has put and forget to post mine, though this week I would have struggled. So, I am going to try and find something to be grateful for each day and on Friday I will post on Lauren’s page.

Goals W/B 14/01/2019

Below are my goals for this week:

NO SNACKING AT WORK – Better prep this week. I went in unprepared last week for the temptations that lay ahead. Be Strong.

Walk over 15 miles in a week – Instead of looking at individual days I am looking at a goal for the week. I am going to stick with 15 miles as I believe this is achievable, weather permitting.

Drink 3 Glasses of Water Daily – It is going up, every week till I get to 7.

Post 5 Things on #Friday Five – Five things I am grateful for over the week.

In conclusion, last week was pants. I am hoping that this week will prove to be slightly better. For starters I hope to wake up tomorrow with no stomach ache and I hope to do better with my weekly goals.