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Hello September…

A little late again this month due to various commitments and demands on my time. I really enjoy being busy and it looks as though life is only going to get busier. Due to this I have had to come to a decision regarding this blog. LULU-BYS PLACE  I love blogging and I love this… Continue reading Hello September…

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Hello August…

Unfortunately I did not post as much as I wanted too, throughout July but I did get a few Jurassic July posts out. As I mentioned yesterday I am planning on revisiting it again in the future. I have to apologise as I have not got a lot to say this month. I will be… Continue reading Hello August…

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Jurassic July is now Extinct

However a bit like the dinosaurs in Jurassic world it could be re-born in the future. There were a number of post ideas that I did not get round to posting due to a variety of extenuating circumstances. Today's last post though is dedicated to a game I found which has entertained me for a… Continue reading Jurassic July is now Extinct

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Jurassic World 3?

According to recent internet gossip the likelihood of a Jurassic World 3 being produced is a strong possibility. It even has a possible release date - 11 June 2021. As I mentioned in my review of Fallen Kingdom, I do hope they end the franchise there, however if they do plan a Jurassic World 3,… Continue reading Jurassic World 3?

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Health & Well Being Sunday #7

Once again the end of the month has crept up on me and caught me by surprise. This is year is just rushing by. I am not sure if I just feel it more poignantly as I am getting older, life of course is filled with what if's and maybe's.... or because time is literally… Continue reading Health & Well Being Sunday #7

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A Couple of Doodles

I had planned to do a few more posts but I've had a few issues. I won't go into them as it just sounds like I'm making excuses. I hope to post a few more times before the end of the month however today as a filler and also to test out the Word Press… Continue reading A Couple of Doodles

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The Man Who Started It All…

M I C H A E L   C R I C H T O N It is quite safe to say that I don't really know a lot about Michael Crichton, the author of Jurassic Park. Any information I put on here is what I have gleaned from his website and the About the Author… Continue reading The Man Who Started It All…